“I knew Zero about assertions going in. I learned a great deal about finer nuances and practical applications of SVA. Gained good confidence by the time the class was done”

Robert Sefton (Principal Engineer, NextState, Inc.)


“Learning SVA is a bit like learning a foreign language. While you can learn the grammar from a book, its subtlety and expressiveness can only be grasped from a conversation with an educated native speaker. Ashok brings invaluable practical insights on how SVA will help you survive in the DV trenches.”

Matt Cossoul, Director Applications, Abound Logic


“I like the training very much since it’s packed full of technical explanations and examples of System Verilog Assertion.

You slides are also easy to follow and understand.”

Gloria Chen, ASIC Verification Engineer, 3PAR


“The training class was excellent, well distributed between the fundamentals and the practical examples. With a little tweak, we can use those example assertions presented right now in our design development!

In addition I would like to thank you for training associated text material. The handout (book) is a few levels above anything I have previously seen. The rules and example descriptions cover the associated topic completely.”

Thomas Slee, Sr. Electrical Engineer, ASIC Verification Lead, Space System Loral


“The training on SVA was very educative and informative.

The material was in-depth, was from a hardware design/verification person’s perspective and it was vendor neutral. The information was very good.”

Shubha Umesh, Senior Logic Engineer, LeCroy Corporation


“Your training clearly showed us that System Verilog Assertions provide new powerful interfaces and how they are implemented as part of the language.

Your training was one of the best training I ever had.”

Aki Niimura-san, Ponderosa Design


“You are a very good presenter. Meticulous and thorough with the right amount of technical detail without losing the audience.”

Ravi Reddy, President, Aurora VLSI

“Ashok is a very good instructor – very impressive.”

John Reykjalin, President, Grizzly Peak Engineering, Inc.


“Ashok, I take this opportunity to personally thank you for your dedication. You have very good knowledge on the subject. I intend to now use assertions heavily on my next verification project and will use your examples extensively.

This class helped me strengthen my knowledge on SVA.”

Mohammad Ashraf, Sr. Electrical Engineer, Space System LORAL


“Great job with the seminar. Your understanding of the domain was obvious, and you managed to get a ton across in a short time. “

Dave Nicklas, Sr. Applications Engineer, Liga Systems